Be wary of COWBOYS

Cosio Industries Ltd is a trusted innovator in our industry and we have introduced many new concepts and solutions to the NZ market over the years. Every new product is carefully researched and developed to suit NZ conditions and customer requirements. In this economic cycle, everyone, including suppliers are looking for cheaper alternatives.

Cosio will not be "cheapening " our products, because the customer always loses in the end when cheaper alternatives are supplied. We believe strongly that Quality of Product and Quality of Service are paramount and will always give the customer better long term value.

Be wary of "cowboy" suppliers who "copy" our established products and specifications, and subsitute low quality, similar looking products which seem attractive from a price viewpoint, but will only last for a short period and offer no customer satisfaction or warranty.

If you want to be assured of getting the quality you want and paid for, contact us for a quote for your next order.

When pricing and ordering, remember the old adage :

The quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten.