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Holdon clips now available in NZ

Holdon clips for securing covers, tarps, windbreaks and any flexible fabrics that need a secure edge eyelet to tie or hold down securely.

The Holdon clip is unique in that it is adjustable to suit fabric or material thicknesses to allow for heavy weight or lightweight tarps and covers to be secured with extra strength built into the clip structure. 

The clips can be used with ropes or the Holdon bungy clips complete with stainless steel fittings for better outdoor life. The Holdon bungy base clips allow fastening covers to trailers, trucks etc - see brochure for details.

Click here for information on the Holdon range of fastenings.

Bee friendly HD Canopy Birdnet

We have released our new UltraPro Heavy Duty Blue/White Canopy Birdnet designed specifically to be more visible to Bees and Bumble Bees.
Trials have shown that bees can see the colours Blue and White better than other colours and that this may reduce stress for better bee health.

Our Blue/White Canopy net has triple reinforced edges for superior strength and is made to reduce wind and damage to plants from birds and other pests.

Click here for Bee Canopy birdnet.pdf information sheet

Please call us for further details of this exciting new product.

Jess Francis -Our new South Island representative

We would like to announce that Jess Francis has joined our company in the role of Territory Manager for our Retail customers in the South Island.
Jess comes to us with a background in horticulture and sales and she will be an excellent addition to our busy Christchurch based South Island operation. 


Cosio Industries new branch in the South Island

We are now open for business in the South Island.  In response to customer demand and in order to offer a full stock service to our South Island customers, we have opened a branch in the Izone Industrial Park in Rolleston, Canterbury, just south of Christchurch. This move allows us to offer even faster service to our valued South Island customers.  Exciting times !

Our new rep, Mr. Graham Richards will be calling on you very soon !

Cosio Industries Ltd supports Motutapu Island Restoration Trust

Cosio Industries are proud to be supporters of the Motutapu Restoration Trust, a group dedicated to creating a pest free paradise right in the middle of Auckland City.

Motutapu Island is situated in the Hauraki Gulf and is being restored to its original pristine condition as a sanctuary for native birds and flora. We have supplied geo-textiles and weed control fabrics for use in the new crop house in the nursery area.

Dairy Effluent Storage Pond construction Firestone EPDM GeoGard

Farmers groups throughout NZ are reporting strong interest in the Firestone EPDM GeoGard dairy effluent storage pond installations taking place on farms throughout the country. Owners and sharemilkers are impressed by the fast, no nonsense installations, competitive pricing and high quality finished ponds and associated drainage solutions they are seeing in their areas all over the country. If your effluent disposal needs are not meeting the local dairy regulations and you are being pressured to act on this, please contact us for one of our installers to have a look and give you some great ideas and solutions to this ongoing problem.


Jute-Tex biodegradable now available

New Jute-Tex natural Jute biodegradable ground cover introduced to NZ market.

Jute-Tex, a jute  based 100% natural biodegradable ground cover used for erosion control, revegetation, embankment protection and landscaping is now in stock.

The advantages of Jute-Tex over other products is that it retains water and soil moisture, keeps soils moist and warmer, helps suppress weeds, prevents erosion by rain washout, helps hold seeds and plants in place and becomes a natural fertiliser. Simply roll Jute-Tex out over the area to be covered and pin down using Cosio weedmat pins or staples.

New Ultramat selling well

UPDATE : May 2015.  Ultramat White Ground Cover arrived as announced in August 2009 and has given excellent service to  growers in New Zealand for the last 6 years.   Ultramat is a very high quality reflective woven ground cover made in Europe to our specifications. For use in greenhouses, nurseries and any horticultural or agricultural application where reflected light will be beneficial to crop growth and fruit ripening. Excellent warranty. Ultramat Ground Cover  is available now. Please contact your normal ag or hort supplier or call our sales department for further details. Do not confuse this with the cheap products some suppliers are hawking.


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