Plasback collection scheme

Our aim is to recycle 100% of our own soft plastic packaging waste & HDPE netting offcuts through the Plasback recycling scheme.

By playing our own small part in recycling, we are keeping this waste out of landfil and contributing to the circular economy. This plastic is ground down and turned into recycled resin which is used to make other recycled products.

If you have clean Horticultural twines, Vine netting, Mulch film, Cloche plastic, Windbreak netting or Shadecloth, Plasback will be able to recycle it. Simply visit their website link below to find out what type of plastic you have to recycle, order a bag, fill it up and book a collection.

Visit to order bins and bags or to book a collection.

Different plastic types will need to be separated, if you are unsure what can be collected check out

Sustainable products

We aim to provide quality products which stand the test of time. By offering longer lasting products our nettings and textiles are replaced less frequently, this saves money over the long term and lessens the environmental impact by reducing the amount of plastic going into landfill.

Over the last decade we have seen the demand for biodegradable & compostable natural products increase. We have been developing products which are either natural fibres or made with compostable resins. For example, we now offer sisal growers twine, jute felt mulch mat, coconut fibre, hessian sack, compostable mulch films, jute tree tie webbings, wool mulch mat, and we will continue to increase our range of compostable & natural products as they become commercially available.


Reducing packaging

We have been focusing on ways of reducing plastic packaging by identifying products which don’t need external wrapping.

For example our mini rolls of garden trellis mesh are not individually wrapped in plastic.

Other examples are our range of natural fibre products, we have taken the step of removing all plastic wrapping from these products.

We will continue to reduce plastic packaging where possible.